Conversamos con Viktorija Pilatovic, cantante (Nº 54)

Recientemente tuvimos la oportunidad de escuchar en Refugio Jazz Club a esta talentosa cantante procedente de Lituania y que nos dejó bastante impresionados con su directo.

La artista: Viktorija Pilatovic

Aunque muy joven, Viktorija Pilatovic empieza fuerte su carrera, pues el disco de debut lo ha editado nada menos que el sello de Greg Osby, Inner Circle. Todo un indicador que nos encontramos ante una artista de gran proyección.

Estudió en la sede de Valencia de la Berklee School of Music y en la actualidad es profesora de canto en la sede de esta misma escuela en Quito, Ecuador.

Puedes consultar la crónica de su concierto en Refugio Jazz Club: Viktorija Pilatovic Quartet, swing venido del Este.

Un vídeo para amenizar la entrevista:

El cuestionario de Conversajazz

Let’s begin with your passion about jazz…

Which jazz artist have you enjoyed most on a live performance?

I was born in a small city on the cost of Lithuania called Klaipeda, where we have an annual Jazz Festival since 1999. Since then I would pass by the stage listening to many important artists in a Jazz world live. As well as at Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival, Vilnius Jazz, Kaunas Jazz, Montreux Jazz Festival. The most memorable performance was by Kenny Garrett and Chick Corea.

Imagine you want to introduce somebody to jazz music, what will you recommend him/her to listen to?

Of course it happens that people say – “I don’t like jazz“. And my first question is – “What have you listened to?” . Jazz is so broad and for a beginner listener I would not recommend Ornette Coleman or Eric Dolphy.  I would say popular jazz – Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra. Right now an amazing singer Gregory Porter is making amazing music. For people that like classical music there are many beautiful Duke Ellington recordings with orchestras.

Jazz and cinema: What film about jazz do you like the best?

I liked Ray about Ray Charles, it is not really about jazz.

Jazz and literature: Can you think about a book that reminds you about the jazz music?

Three WishesAn Intimate Look at Jazz Greats – by Nica de Koenigswarter (Pannonica)

I know is difficult, but what is your favorite standard to play and/or to listen to?

At the moment I like singing So Many Stars, Bouncing with Bud, In a sentimental mood. Listening – Stella by starlight, Body and Soul, We’ll be together again. Sooooo beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s follow with your contribution to jazz music…

What are your memories from your first jazz concert as a player?

I was struggling hahaha. But if we talk about first real concert with the band, performing my music, it was magical, I trusted my musicians, I was free, seemed like I could do anything. That’s the magic when tunes are rehearsed well and on the concert you are so free and confident. Everyone in the band and the audience are flying with you and then coming back ;D BOOOM !!

Which are your reasons to be a jazz artist?

I want to sing with my own voice, just how it is. I want to write using my imagination, having no limits in sound, time signatures, harmony. Musicians while reading your brand new chart put so much of their world inside. The same tune, same melody can sound so extremely different with different people, in a different jazz club, in a different country, even while wearing a different dress J jajjaa.
I love this music, I want to continue creating and listening to what other artists are creating and of course always remembering how Jazz appeared and developed.

I suppose sometimes you think “how lucky I am for being a jazz artist”, for example…

There is always a beautiful musical solution for every “mistake” made.

Imagine a young musician comes to you and say: “I love your work, and I want to be a jazz musician”. What would you advice to him/her?

Oh I would listen to what they do. I would definitely suggest composing songs. Listening, learning, studying everything about the subject you like, explore, travel, google, create.

And finally…

Are you listening to any music while answering this interview?

Yes, I am listening to my Christmas present 😀
It’s a  2013 Verve Music 10 CD Collection – Ella Fitzgerald – The voice of Jazz (CD 10 How High the moon – Jazz at the Philharmonic 1949-1954)

Is there something else you want to add?

Thank you!.

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